The Last of Us Part II Shown at GameStop Managers Conference, Expect More News Soon

Footage of the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part II was shown on August 27th during the GameStop Managers Conference, giving its audience a short vertical slice of gameplay. The presentation was brief, but it showed some stealth action and “how you can use Clickers to your advantage,” although not much else was revealed. A release date was not given (as far as we’re aware), but an attendee who goes by @Gaming_Forte on Twitter seems to think this footage will be made public soon.

You can check out the user’s tweet below:

When asked about when the footage might be shown to the public, the user simply responded “soon.”

It’s unclear if anything else was revealed during the conference, but if we do see the footage soon, it might coincide with a new State of Play event, which is rumored to air on November 1st. This hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, but it would make sense to get an update before the year’s end.

Actor Troy Baker also made an appearance at the conference, apparently giving a quick talk on the upcoming game. Baker, known for his performance as Joel from The Last of Us, didn’t share any new information (again, as far as we know), but his presence still seemed to generate excitement. With all of the attention paid to the game at the conference, we can likely expect more news on the game soon.

Several sources have claimed that The Last of Us Part II is supposed to launch sometime in February of 2020. Much like the potential November State of Play claim, the game’s February release date has not been officially confirmed. However, this release window was seemingly leaked by actress Ashley Johnson, known for her role as Ellie.

The Last of Us Part II’s marketing has been sparse, with Sony keeping most details close to the chest. After all, it’s likely the company’s biggest game before the launch of the new systems, so it makes sense the publisher would want to be very deliberate with its marketing. Attention is also currently on Death Stranding’s November release, and Sony might be avoiding overlapping too much marketing attention for the two games.

Do you think we’ll get to see the footage shown at the GameStop Managers Conference any time soon? When do you think The Last of Us Part II will release? Let us know!