More Rumors Suggest a February Launch and 4 Special Editions for The Last of Us Part II

With a game as heavily anticipated as The Last of Us Part II, many have been waiting patiently (or maybe not so) on a release date announcement. While Sony hasn’t made any official comments one way or another, there’s more evidence suggesting we’ll get to play this long-awaited sequel in early 2020. What’s more, there could be multiple versions for fans to choose from.

This came from noted insider ZhugeEx, claiming once again that The Last of Us Part II will release in February 2020. This is a release window we’ve heard discussed multiple times now, all from varying sources. Earlier in the year, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier claimed it was actually pushed to February after a planned 2019 launch. Then, Ashley Johnson seemed to have almost let the news slip out during an interview. Until we hear from Sony and Naughty Dog specifically, this cannot be taken as fact for now.

While a February launch is something we’ve heard before, this is the first indication at special editions of The Last of Us Part II. While a deluxe edition isn’t surprising, the sheer volume of versions may be.  Naturally, there will be a standard edition available for purchase. In addition, a special and collector’s edition will apparently be coming. However, the most intriguing bit bit of information may be the supposed “Ellie Edition,” whatever that means.

It should be noted that details and contents of these editions weren’t included, so it’s impossible to say what would come with these. Again, as with the release date, none of this is official information. It wouldn’t be surprising to see multiple editions, though. The next Sony-published title, Death Stranding, will be getting quite a few special editions at launch.

Sony has yet to confirm any of this is real, and likely won’t for some time, at least. It definitely seems like The Last of Us Part II is quickly approaching, especially since most, if not all of the filming has wrapped. What would you like to see from these special editions? Let us know!

[Source: ResetEra]