Respawn Changes How Apex Legends Events Work Following Iron Crown Backlash

Apex Legends received immense backlash during its recent Iron Crown Event. While the event itself was cool, offering solo queues for the first timemany of the new cosmetic items were only attainable via in-game purchases and $7 loot boxes. Following that backlash from fans, Respawn Entertainment released a blog post explaining how events in Apex Legends will work going forward.

For the time being, Apex Legends players can expect three types of events to consistently rotate in the game. Season launches, collection events, and themed events will give Respawn Entertainment the ability to keep the game fresh by offering new ways to play. While all of these events are different, each of them will be designed with some similar additions in mind whether that be new gameplay elements, purchasable cosmetic items, or brand new progression tracks for players.

Respawn will focus on delivering map updates as well as a new legend and loot items at the start of each season. Players can also expect meta changes as each new season rolls around. Additionally, the team will look into updating the game’s ranked mode which was added at the start of the second season. New modes have the “potential” to come every season, but players shouldn’t always expect them. However, the community can always expect a new battle pass to come along with the launch of a new season.

Themed events will occur during each season and focus on new limited-time modes, challenges, and cosmetics. Cosmetics will be a mix of costumes and weapon skins you can earn for each character. Some cosmetics will be directly purchasable. These events may also include smaller changes to the game’s map. According to the posting, the next event is coming in September and will focus on a “Phase Expert,” which is pretty much a dead giveaway that it’ll be all about the character Wraith.

Finally, collection events will occur throughout each season and offer a limited-time mode, event-specific challenges, and cosmetics that’ll be attainable via loot box or direct purchase. These events may also feature small map changes according to the developer. The Iron Crown Event was based on this model so fans can hopefully expect some changes to counteract many of the issues players had with it. The next collection event is coming in October.

Yesterday, the latest character coming to Apex Legends got leaked alongside a new weapon, an upcoming Halloween event, and a physical version of the game. Season 2 of Apex Legends is set to end in a little over a month so players can expect to hear all about what’s coming next to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title in the coming weeks.

[Source: Respawn Entertainment via GamesRadar]