Activision Opens New Australia-Based Studio for Sledgehammer Games

Reportedly, Activision is adding another team to its wealth of worldwide studios–Sledgehammer Melbourne. As the name suggests, this new studio is based out of Melbourne, Australia. Currently, these are very early days for the fledgling team, which, as of now, seems to only has one official hire.

The studio’s “first official hire,” Alayna Cole, announced the news of Sledgehammer Melbourne’s opening on Twitter. Apparently, Cole will begin work as a producer in the coming days, helping the team expand.

Beyond Cole’s social media reveal, Activision has yet to formally unveil the Sledgehammer Melbourne studio. Yet, it appears as though the hiring process is already underway. On the “Careers” page of Sledgehammer Games‘ official website, a number of Melbourne-based job listings appear. In fact, there are five in total, including Junior Software Engineer, Principal Software Engineer, Producer, Senior Director of Product Development, and Software Engineer. Interestingly, the Senior Director’s job description informs applicants that whomever is hired will “oversee internal development of a major game mode of our upcoming AAA title.”

What “AAA title” is being referenced remains to be seen. Though, it’s possible the job description could be hinting at an eventual Call of Duty release. Reportedly, Sledgehammer (Call of Duty: WWII) was originally in line to lead development on the franchise’s 2020 title, alongside Raven Software. However, both developers will now allegedly serve as support studios for the game’s leading team, Treyarch (Black Ops 4).

[Source: Alayna Cole on Twitter via Video Games Chronicle]