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Netflix Says Its Own Witcher Release Date Leak May Be Inaccurate

Netflix has said that the recently leaked release date for The Witcher series may be inaccurate, and that the post in question was published by the company’s Netherlands wing.

For those who missed it, Netflix’s official Facebook account published a note on September 11th, counting down “sleepless nights” until multiple upcoming shows. In the list, The Witcher was set at “97” sleepless nights, making its release date December 17th, 2019. The post was quickly pulled, but not before The Witcher fan site Redanian Intelligence took screenshots. However, Netflix has turned the leak down in a statement to Video Games Chronicle.

“The launch date for The Witcher has not yet been confirmed,” said a company spokesperson. “The post was made by Netflix accounts in the Netherlands in error, and not all of the information contained in it is accurate/final.”

This is the second time within a month that Netflix had to shoot down reports of The Witcher Season 1’s start date. In late August, someone claiming to be an executive producer at the company – with rather convincing LinkedIn and Medium profiles to go with their online persona – claimed that the show’s first episode will premiere on November 1st. When the news made rounds, Netflix said that it had no idea who the person was, and launched an investigation.

As usual, we’ll keep our readers posted when we have an official word on The Witcher Season 1’s release date. Until then, it’s safe to assume that all reports and leaks are bogus.

[Source: VGC]