Netflix Seemingly Leaked The Witcher’s Late 2019 Release Date

We’re over halfway through 2019, yet Netflix still hasn’t announced a release date for The Witcher TV series. It should arrive in the next few months, however, and the streaming service may have inadvertently let specifics slip. Of course, following said slip, all traces of the leak vanished. Hardly anything truly disappears on the internet, though. If a since removed Facebook post is anything to go by, The Witcher’s pilot season may launch on December 17th.

On September 11th, one of the company’s official Facebook accounts posted a list of upcoming films and shows. Listed next to each project was the number of “sleepless nights” fans have to wait until each one finally launches. The website Redanian Intelligence managed to get a screengrab of the post before its deletion.

netflix the witcher release date

The potential December 17th release for The Witcher comes from counting to 97 days based on the Facebook’s post September 11th date. Could this be correct? It certainly seems so. The El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie listing indicates that in 30 days from September 11th, the film will start streaming. 30 days from the aforementioned date is October 11th, which just so happens to be the Breaking Bad film’s official release date. It seems, then, that those sleepless nights are indeed slowly coming to an end. Just a week before Christmas, we may all be venturing into Netflix’s version of fantastical world of The Witcher.

Not much has been heard from the series since its San Diego Comic-Con 2019 trailer hit the web in July. At least SDCC helped make the picture on the show’s first season a tad more clearer, though. For instance, the pilot season is confirmed to mostly cover the book series’ short story collection, The Last Wish. In addition, fans also shouldn’t expect to see the Netflix show adapt any of the game franchise’s narrative.

[Source: Redanian Intelligence]