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Venture Into the Haunting World of Ghost Parade on Halloween

Aksys Games‘ colorful platformer Ghost Parade will haunt the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC a little sooner than expected. Originally set to arrive in the West sometime in November 2019, the side-scroller from Indonesian developer Lentera Nusantara Studios will now launch on October 31st. That’s right, Ghost Parade is slated to arrive in just a few weeks on Halloween.

Preorders are currently live for the metroidvania-inspired experience. Those who preorder Ghost Parade on the Aksys online storefront will be rewarded with a 20 percent off discount, bringing the price down from $39.99 to $31.99. Consumers who count among the first 1,000 preorders will additionally receive a 56-minute soundtrack, featuring 22 songs. The most recent post about Ghost Parade on the PlayStation Blog includes two sample songs from the OST.

Ghost Parade will see players take on the role of a young girl named Suri, who gets lost in the woods on her way home from school. Her rush to return home on time quickly evolves into a ghostly adventure, wherein the future of the entire forest is at stake. To save the forest and its supernatural inhabitants from the foe known as humanity, Suri must align herself with ghostly companions.

Based in the wonders of Indonesian mythology and folklore, the beautifully realized and dynamic world of Ghost Parade aims to tell a compelling narrative. While exploring such a tale, players will choose from a total of 30 ghost companions to join the fight alongside them. In addition, upwards of 70 benevolent spirits will also offer their assistance throughout Suri’s journey.

To gain more knowledge about Suri and the world of Ghost Parade, those interested can access a free comic on Aksys Games’ official website. The comic even features character profiles for a few of the ghosts Suri will encounter, such as Tuyul, Mr. Poci, and Jeng Kunti, the latter of whom is described as “a bit of a diva.”

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