Embrace the Disturbing Horror of Death Trash Next Year

If the title Death Trash sounds gross and horrific, that’s probably because it is exactly that. Crafting Legends has announced the RPG will appear on PCs via Steam Early Access in early 2020. Death Trash will eventually make its way to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One once the game fully launches.

An open-world RPG, Death Trash takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. Cosmic horrors abound, all with a taste for humans. Like Hotline Miami, “punks with shotguns” roam about instead. This project seems like it could be a labor of love from its creators, having being inspired by genres such as cyberpunk, sci-fi, grotesque dark fantasy, and a few others.

For a good look at what these cosmic horrors will amount to, check out the following reveal trailer for Death Trash:

The semi open-world of Death Trash will be full of handcrafted levels and a “grotesque” main storyline for players to explore. There will be a variety of ways in which to take on the challenges the world presents. Ranged combat, melee combat, and stealth will be at the core of the experience. In addition, there’s going to be an emphasis placed on dialogue choices. But, don’t worry, it gets weird.

Death Trash’s inventory features the items one would expect a game like this to have, fleshworms included. (Don’t Google it.) Players will also have a crafting system at their disposal, as well as social skills. The latter skills include abilities like pickpocketing and puking, both of which are probably necessary for a well-rounded arsenal.

In this game world, humanity inhabits the planet Nexus, where machines were once built to serve as protectors. Except, they instead spread terror after becoming mysteriously corrupted. As a raider, players will explore the planet, searching it stone and fleshy ruins, preparing for a war with machines that could either foster resolution or destruction.

[Source: Crafting Legends via Gematsu]