Play as a Raccoon Riding a Llama on a Quest to Destroy Microtransactions in Upcoming Metroidvania SuperEpic

If you hate microtransactions and wish you could remove them from the game industry entirely, then upcoming metroidvania SuperEpic: The Entertainment Wars may be for you when it comes out this December.

Taking place in the year 2084, video games have been taken over by the company Regnantcorp, which is entirely run by pigs. They addict citizens to their free-to-play games and then charge them microtrancactions, having control of the entire video game industry in the process. You’ll play as a raccoon who rides on his trusty pet llama and wants to put an end to this practice, saving the video game industry in the process. Also, possibly, the world, but the video game industry seems like the more important goal here.

Taking its inspiration from 16-bit metroidvania games, SuperEpic has you exploring the Regnantcorp offices, learning new skills and getting new items that let you advance to places you couldn’t go before. Along the way you’ll have to fight employees and bosses that are trying to stop you on your quest. The game will utilize “combo-based combat” and promises to be a fast-paced adventure. Additionally, it comes with a rather unique feature. At several times in the game you’ll find QR codes and, if you scan them with your phone, you can access special minigames that will give you rewards. There’ll also be a roguelite mode, where the level will be procedurally generated and the game will play more like a, well, roguelite.

SuperEpic: The Entertainment Wars is being developed by Undercoders, who put out puzzle game Conga Master back in 2017. Its being published by Numskull Games, the publishing arm of the company that makes various gaming collectibles and clothes. Earlier this year Numskull Games announced that they would be helping bring both Crystar and AI: The Somnium Files to Europe and Australia.