Epic Games Ditching Blind Loot Boxes in Fortnite: Save the World

Some major changes are coming to Fortnite: Save the World in the near future. Epic Games is overhauling the V-Buck Llamas when the v7.30 update goes live, officially dropping blind loot boxes from the game.

V-Buck Llamas will now be known as X-Ray Llamas, and you’ll be able to see the exact contents of the Llama before purchasing it. That way, if you decide its goods don’t interest you, you can wait for the store to refresh the next day.

Though this is a major change, certain aspects of purchasing Llamas will remain the same. Their prices won’t change, and dupe prevention will still be in effect. In case you’re unaware, this feature ensures you won’t get any duplicates, unless you already have every kind of item. The set of items will still be tailored to your account; you’ll just be able to see what these items are.

Unfortunately, this new changes means you can no longer purchase multiple llamas at once. However, this is to ensure you will only purchase the items you want. Fortunately, though, all players will be given 5 free Llama Upgrade Tokens in order to test out the system.

With loot boxes under increasing scrutiny, a change like this will likely be seen as a positive for many players. Other games have made adjustments to their loot box systems, as well. While it’s not as much of an overhaul as Fortnite is seeing, Rocket League recently revealed its drop rates.

With players now having greater control over what kind of inventory they can get their hands on, hopefully we don’t see any more major bugs, either.

[Source: Epic Games]