The House of the Dead 1 and 2 Remakes are Being Developed, Rumored to be in VR

It’s been confirmed that Sega’s beloved on-rails shooter is set to make a comeback at the hands of publisher Forever Entertainment and developer MegaPixel. There haven’t been any platforms or a release date confirmed just yet, but Forever Entertainment’s history coupled with initial fan sentiment could point towards the exciting possibility of PSVR versions of The House of the Dead 1 and 2 remakes.

Originating back in 1996, this horror-themed lightgun shooter series took arcades by storm with its grim setting and gory gameplay. Having built a loyal following, many players have recently been feeling down in the dumps about the fact that there hasn’t been a new entry since 2009’s foul-mouthed The House of the Dead: Overkill on Wii. That game did get a PS3 port in the form of an Extended Cut in 2011, however, which made use of PlayStation Move controllers for motion-based aiming.

Considering that they’re still in use, and now we also have the PlayStation Aim controller, Forever Entertainment’s knack for releasing VR titles may hint that they’re looking to bring The House of the Dead to the 3D realm of virtual reality. Most likely the frantic shooting that the franchise is best known for wouldn’t translate well to a controller or a mouse, and that’s something that’s being voiced in the replies to the announcement tweet from Forever Entertainment themselves.

With people clamoring for both lightgun and VR support, PS4 would be the perfect platform in providing both right out of the gate. With launch title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood remaining one of PSVR’s flagship experiences, in part owing to the fact that the game took inspiration from The House of the Dead, seeing the two remakes reach Sony’s headset would certainly put smiles on people’s faces. Until they actually played the games, that it, at which point those expressions are likely to switch to abject terror.