FFXII’s Gabranth Comes to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Today to Judge His Enemies

It’s time to become the law. The next Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC character is Final Fantasy XII’s Judge Gabranth, and best of all he’s available to play today.

Gabranth is one of the primary antagonists of Final Fantasy XII and the leader of the Archadian Judges. He’s also the identical twin brother of protagonist Basch. His betrayal, which he frames on his brother, is what kicks off the main plot.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT he fights with his twin swords, which he uses to deliver rapid strikes. He can also combine into a single staff for slower attacks. More interesting, Gabranth brings various buffs and debuffs to his fighting style. He’s shown to create fields, either static or that follow him around, that either empower the rest of his team or weaken the enemy team. Some other abilities shown off include shockwaves, short-ranged dash attacks, and bursts of energy, making the judge one deadly opponent. The Gabranth Starter Pack will go for $5.99, giving you access to the new character along with three different outfits to wear, three different weapons, and some special chat messages.

This isn’t Gabranth’s first appearance in the Dissidia series. In the original Dissidia Final Fantasy, he was one of the game’s two secret characters and served as the only Final Fantasy XII representation in that game. He returned in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy along with Vaan as his heroic counterpart. However, he was missing from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT‘s launch roster, and the initial villain spot for Final Fantasy XII instead went to Vayne, who was the game’s first DLC character. Gabranth is the third character to be released since Dissidia Final Fantasy NT finished its season pass and went free to play, following Final Fantasy XIV‘s Zenos yae Galvus and Final Fantasy VII‘s Tifa Lockheart.