Borderlands 3 Mayhem on Twitch Event Ramps Up Mayhem Mode and Twitch ECHOcast Features

Borderlands 3’s Mayhem on Twitch 10th anniversary celebration is now live. The week-long event sees the game’s challenging Mayhem Mode and ECHOcast Twitch Extension get “kicked up a notch” throughout its duration. 

Players that opt to activate Mayhem Mode⁠—a setting that makes enemies much more challenging while offering better rewards⁠ for defeating them—will be granted even greater boons this week. These include increased experience gain when killing enemies, reduced penalty modifiers to make things more manageable, and also an increased chance to receive valuable Anointed gear.

It’s definitely worth noting, however, that in order to activate Mayhem Mode players first need to have completed the main Borderlands 3 campaign. Doing so unlocks a special console aboard the Sanctuary III spaceship where it can be toggled on and off.

The event’s other half sees viewers and streamers on Twitch interacting with enhanced ECHOcast features; this optional Twitch extension can be installed by streamers in order to actively involve their audience through a variety of methods. Now, Badass Viewer Events occur more frequently and the viewer-controlled enemies introduced in such situations are even more of a challenge to overcome. Rare Chest Events will also guarantee a win all week long, instead of featuring the usual 25% success rate.

This means that by linking a Gearbox SHiFT account to their Twitch profile, viewers can directly benefit from watching Borderlands 3 on Amazon’s livestreaming platform. Even if you don’t own the game, loot earned whenever Rare Chest Events are completed in your presence will be delivered via the in-game mailbox upon the next login.

Following on from the Show Me the Eridium and Boss Week events, Mayhem on Twitch is scheduled to run through October 28, 2019 as the penultimate anniversary celebration. The hint for next week’s final event is “It’s a secret…,” though we’ll soon know the nature of that secret with the event set to run October 29th until November 4, 2019.