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A One-Handed Blacksmith Needs Your Help to Clobber Slavic Legends in Yaga This November

There is a one-handed blacksmith that needs help battling a host of Slavic legends in Breadcrumbs Interactive’s Yaga. Having lost an appendage is only one of his struggles, though. Apparently, the blacksmith has terrible luck as well. Console and PC gamers will be able to see what his fate entails once Yaga launches on PS4, PC via Epic Games Store, and Xbox One on November 12, 2019. Those who preorder the title ahead of launch will receive a 20 percent discount, according to publisher Versus Evil (Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire).

See what kind of danger the blacksmith will face in Yaga’s “Official Release Date Trailer” below:

Yaga is an action role-playing title that will have players assume the role of Ivan, the aforementioned blacksmith, who’s been given a difficult task by the tzar. To complete the task, Ivan must fight his way through the myriad legends of Slavic mythology. While he journeys to fulfill the tzar’s wishes, the mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, keeps a watchful eye on the blacksmith’s fate.

Slavic folklore and Paganism help fill out the 2D hand-drawn world of Yaga. In addition to looking good on-screen, the title packs within it a fascinating sound, backed by “a head-bobbing Romanian hip-hop soundtrack from Subcarpați.” The above trailer seems to feature at least one of the tunes from the soundtrack.

As a blacksmith, Ivan will have a host of weapons as his arsenal, all handcrafted by him. The choices players make throughout the adventure will determine the course of Ivan’s story and the upgrades he can put to use. As such, players should anticipate an experience with multiple endings and a slew of gameplay options. That latter includes an ever-changing world, random encounters, magic items, talismans, blessings, and perks. Needless to say, Ivan has quite the journey ahead of him.

[Source: Versus Evil via Gematsu]