There’s a $100 PSN Avatar on the US PlayStation Store

You read that right. At the time of writing, the US PlayStation Store is selling a PlayStation Network Avatar for the price of $99.99. Wario64 on Twitter spotted the product’s price and shared it, along with a screenshot as proof. Hours later and the item is still up. The PSN Avatar in question is the “Golden Prince Avatar” for State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem, a bullet-hell shoot-em-up from 2018 that retails for $7.99. That’s right. Less than 10% of the price of the Avatar.

See it in the following Twitter post from Wario64:

Interestingly, the “premium” Golden Prince Avatar does not appear on the product page alongside State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem’s 26 other Avatars, most of which cost $1. Rather, it seems you have to manually search for the Golden Prince Avatar, using PSN’s search function to type in the product’s name. This begs the question of why it is even on the storefront. Never mind the fact that its cost is egregious at best.

In looking at the PSN’s Avatars page in general, it appears the Golden Prince represents the most expensive. The second-highest priced Avatar—the “Luxurious Life” Avatar—costs $19.99. It is literally an image of a shiny diamond. An image of a shiny diamond costs $20 on the US PlayStation Network, and it has been available to purchase since September 2016. Since this is the same storefront that sells Life of Black Tiger for $10, perhaps this level of absurdity shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

If you are on the hunt for a new PSN Avatar, you need not spend $100. In fact, you should not have to spend any money at all. The PlayStation Store offers plenty of free Avatars, many of which come from big-name titles such as Batman: Arkham KnightDisgaea, Final Fantasy, and Fortnite.

[Source: PlayStation Store via Wario64 on Twitter]