Ubisoft Begins Improvement Effort With Ghost Recon: Breakpoint November Update, Player Survey

Recently, Ubisoft conducted a financial call, wherein CEO Yves Guillemot revealed the company’s disappointment in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s performance. Shortly thereafter, Breakpoint’s development team released a statement to players, promising that improvements were incoming. It appears the first steps of this promise are already underway. This month, Ubisoft will launch two title updates for Breakpoint, alongside two brand-new faction missions. Furthermore, the team plans to launch a user survey in the coming weeks.

The first patch, Title Update 1.0.3, will roll out next week on November 12th. It’s set to address a slew of well-known issues, including those concerning drone deployment, fire rate, NVGs blocking crosshairs, and Mission Completion notifications. Players should also anticipate improvements with regards to cover switching, night vision goggles, and character stamina. The full patch notes aren’t out just yet but should go live soon. A subsequent patch, Title Update, will address a variety of similar issues later in the month.

November 12th will also see the launch of a new Faction Mission, “A Deadly Trap.” It’s to revolve around a deadly virus that will soon arrive on Erewhon, putting all Homesteaders at risk. Players will be tasked with helping everyone prepare for the incoming attack. The “Whistleblower” Faction Mission will become available three weeks later. In it, players will have to escort rebels to the Outcasts, following a leak of their names by Sentinel.

On November 8th, Ubisoft plans to release a survey to the Breakpoint community. The primary goal is to better gauge where players think the development team should prioritize efforts for improving the experience.

[Source: Ubisoft]