BioShock’s Big Daddy Made Adorable by The Coop’s New Vinyl Figure

BioShock’s future may unfortunately seem shrouded in mystery. However, there’s a way fans will soon be able to bring home a bit of Rapture’s sinister charm. Collectible manufacturer The Coop is adding a new addition to its collection of BioShock merchandise–a Big Daddy Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure. Amazon currently has the cutesy item available to preorder, with a price tag of $11.95 attached. It will begin shipping early next month on December 1st.

This officially licensed and adorable Big Daddy has been sculpted to look as though it’s a “handmade knit toy.” The design’s aim is to trick the eye into thinking the figure itself is imperfectly made and floppy. It seems a very convincing presentation, to say the least. Check out images of the figure in the follow picture gallery:

The Coop’s new Big Daddy figure stands five inches tall and will ship in a window box packaging, perfect for a shelf display. A quick look at the company’s BioShock page on Amazon shows a slew of other items fans of the series may find interesting, complete with collectibles based on past adventures in Rapture and Columbia. Some of the more unique items include a couple of lunch boxes and a Big Daddy backpack, the latter of which comes with a Little Sister clip-on plush.

BioShock’s most recent round of news has primarily been fueled by rumor and speculation. As of April 2018, a new 2K team in Novato, California was said to have been tasked with developing the franchise’s next installment. Just last week, this same studio launched online job listings for the role of an “End Game Design Lead,” which will focus on live-service aspects of an unannounced project. Naturally, such a sequence of events leaves many to wonder whether BioShock’s eventual return will involve a live-service experience of sorts.

[Source: Amazon via Game Idealist]

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