2D Arcade Beat ’em Up Fight’N Rage Battles Its Way to PS4 Next Month

Fight’N Rage, a 2D side-scroller with beat ’em up gameplay, hit PC over two years ago. The brawler just arrived on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this past September, and will finally make its way to the PlayStation 4 in a few weeks. On December 3rd, PS4 players will get to play Seba Games Dev’s old school-inspired title for $19.90.

In addition to a design style that pays homage to the arcade classics of the 1990s, Fight’N Rage also provides a gameplay experience that harkens back to the “golden age” of brawlers. And players can even enjoy said experience with friends, thanks to options for up to three-player co-op. A “VS Mode” for either player versus player or player versus CPU is also available. Solo-play serves as an option, too.

For a glimpse at what Fight’N Rage has to offer, check out the following console gameplay trailer:

Fight’N Rage takes place in the far future, where Earth has suffered devastation due to an event referred to as “the big pulse.” The catastrophe was a worldwide electromagnetic pulse, which wiped out all electronic technology. Mutants led by “The Boss” have taken advantage of humanity’s venerability. Now these creatures rule by “the law of the jungle.”

Not everyone has given up hope, however. A small group of rebels, consisting of two humans and a mutant, are ready to fight back. Whether or not the three succeed is entirely up to players. This especially holds true given that a number of alternative paths and choices lead to different endings.

Gameplay-wise, Fight’N Rage allows players to explore myriad options. An intricate combo system meshed with easy to use controls makes the experience easy to pick up, but “hard to master.” Additionally, the title comes packaged with plenty of unlockables for skins, extra difficulty settings, bonus game modes, and up to 20 playable characters.

Looking for another beat ’em to tide you over until December? The Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle may do the trick. It launched last September for the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, packing in seven classic titles.

[Source: Seba Games Dev via Gematsu]