GRIS PlayStation 4

GRIS Coming to PlayStation 4 Next Week, Includes Exclusive Content

Beautiful platformer GRIS had a PlayStation 4 port leaked by PEGI recently. Now it seems that, indeed, GRIS is coming to PlayStation 4. Better yet, it’s doing so next week, with a November 26th, 2019, release date for the game. Even better, it’ll come with a bit of exclusive content. On the PlayStation Blog, programmer Roger Mendoza talked about bringing the game to the console. He notes that the game will include a “PlayStation-exclusive secret homage to one of our favorite games and an inspiration for GRIS.” So what game is it, and what’s the homage? Well, that hasn’t been revealed. It will be up to the players to discover. The next paragraph talks about how much of an inspiration Journey was to GRIS, so it doesn’t seem like a longshot to think it may be a Journey homage. We’ll have to wait for the full release to see. You never know, they could be big fans of The Order: 1886.

There was also talk about the porting process and how much work was put into bringing it over to the PS4. GRIS has over 5000 unique assets, and the team took the time to go through each one, rework them, and bump the resolution up two to four times each so that you can experience the game in 4K with PlayStation 4 Pro will support. Additionally, the game’s soundtrack has been modified slightly so that it’s less compressed than its original release. There have also been some “quality of life” improvements, but what exactly they are weren’t mentioned.

While GRIS will be a digital game, Limited Run will be offering a limited physical release. This version, which costs $29.99, will come with a trio of reversible art cards. While there’s no limit on how many copies can be purchased, they’ll only be offering them until December 27th, 2019, so if that’s something you’re interested in adding to your collection then it’d be a smart move to grab it now.

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