GRIS PS4 Port Outed by Ratings Board

After quietly launching in December 2018 to surprise success on PC and Nintendo Switch, then making its way to iOS in August 2019, it looks as though Devolver Digital is now poised to bring acclaimed platforming game GRIS to PlayStation. The GRIS PS4 version was outed by the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) board when they recently graded it for release in Europe, but, presumably, it’ll also see a simultaneous launch throughout the rest of the world.

The narrative-focused platformer features a beautiful painterly art style that helped it surpass 300,000 sales as of March. Developed by independent upstart Nomad Studio, the folks behind the game brought their experience from creative sectors outside of video games to the project. It appears to have paid off in spades. As the team’s debut title, it secured (and has since held) the lauded “Overwhelmingly Positive” review status from players on Valve’s PC gaming platform Steam.

Of course, it also did well on other platforms—the Nintendo Switch version secured an 83 from critics and an 8.8 from users on review aggregate website Metacritic, for example—which is why it’s exciting to see the title and its soothing pastel watercolors finally set to reach PS4.

Players that plan on picking GRIS up can expect to embark on an adventure in which they’ll take control of a young leading lady. As she attempts to deal with a hurtful life experience, the eponymous Gris will learn new abilities that open up additional pathways for players to discover and explore alongside her.

Publisher Devolver Digital, in contrast to their trademark brash attitude, describes it as a “serene and evocative experience, free of danger, frustration or death.” Other than light puzzles and platforming, players are largely free to sit back and enjoy the game in all of its audiovisual splendor. Despite that, however, PEGI has rated GRIS as appropriate for players aged seven years and up, in the process applying the “Fear” tag (depicted by a spider) that’s more commonly associated with horror games.

A release date is currently unknown, though it may well accompany what’s likely to be an imminent official announcement from Devolver. Until then, stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for more.

[Source: Gematsu]