Dig Deeper Into God of War’s Development With Santa Monica Studio’s Limited Podcast Miniseries

Following the success of its God of War documentary, Raising Kratos, Santa Monica Studio has announced a limited podcast miniseries in collaboration with the PlayStation Blogcast that digs deeper into God of War‘s development.

Called Worlds Collide, the series will feature developers from across the studio who helped shape God of War, and will delve into Santa Monica Studio’s culture and development processes.

The first episode, “Fitting A Side Quest in Anywhere,” is available now. A brief description is as follows:

The development of the Witch Bones quest and others were designed so they could be played at any point in the game. Developers Luis Sanchez (Lead Level Designer), Anthony DiMento (Senior Systems Designer), and Adam Dolin (Narrative Designer) break down how this was made possible across level, system, and narrative design.

Santa Monica Studio has also announced that it’ll be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special showcase on the PlayStation Blog that “not only will take you on a journey of games (on sale as well) that have helped define our legacy, but also (10) PlayStation 4 games our team hand-selected that have inspired us to no end.”

In other news, we’re still trying to decipher what God of War director Cory Barlog has been teasing on Twitter. The developer recently posted cryptic teasers that some speculate are hinting at a new Santa Monica game based in space, while others believe they signal Barlog’s departure from Sony.

“Caps Lock Cory has been shot into deep space and is embarking on a journey into the mysterious unknown,” reads Barlog’s Twitter bio.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.