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Image credit: Reddit user eblackham

PlayStation Trophy Hunter Creates Awesome Canvas of 200 Platinums That He Unlocked in a Decade

A significant portion of the PlayStation community is dedicated to trophy hunting (just look at PSNProfiles) and every now and then, we’ll see stories that catch our eye. This one comes from Reddit user eblackham, who created the nifty canvas pictured above, depicting 200 Platinums that he unlocked over the past decade.

Twinfinite subsequently interviewed eblackham, whose real name is Eric, to ask him about the most difficult Platinums that he unlocked.

“The most difficult one I am proud of is Dead Space 2,” Eric revealed. “The Hardcore trophy required you to beat the game on the hardest difficulty and you can only use three save points the entire game. You have to plan out where you were going to save and make sure you upgrade the right weapons, or you can literally get stuck and have to redo the entire Hardcore playthrough. The last 2 or 3 chapters were just an onslaught of enemies and it was brutal.”

Eric added that Spec Ops: The Line was also a difficult Platinum to obtain but didn’t go into any details.

Elsewhere, Eric revealed that the most time-consuming Platinum for him was Persona 5, which took roughly 135 hours that he played “almost exclusively” over the course of two months. As for his favorite Platinum runs, Eric said that it’s a tough call between God of War (2018) and Uncharted 4, but ultimately crowned the Uncharted series as his favorite trophy hunts.

While we’re on the topic, we’d love to hear from our readers who are trophy hunters. What are the most difficult and fun Platinum trophies that you’ve unlocked and why? Share your answers below!

[Source: Reddit via Twinfinite]