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Quantic Dream Found Guilty of Not Fulfilling Security Obligations Towards Employees

A Paris labor tribunal has found Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream guilty of not fulfilling security obligations towards employees by failing to address cases of harassment and toxic working conditions.

Claims of toxic atmosphere at the French studio first came to light in January 2018 when NSFW photos of Quantic Dreams employees leaked along with claims of inappropriate workplace conduct and a poor environment. The studio denied those claims and vowed to sue the French publications responsible for the reports.

Since then, Quantic Dream has lost at least one court case tied to the allegations and a number of other former employees stepped up publicly to corroborate the damning claims made against the studio, ranging from sexist, homophobic and racist attitudes to forcefully demanding long hours of work.

In the latest ruling, the studio has been asked to pay its former IT manager €5,000 covering indemnities and €2,000 for legal costs.

The November 21st ruling was covered by French media outlets this weekend, a translation of which was provided by ResetEra user Passing Assassin, who wrote:

The cases are not done yet though as this same IT manager appealed over another humiliating photomontage which has not been considered in the first condemnation. Quantic Dream, on the other hand, pressed charges back against its former IT manager claiming that he stole internal data before resigning from the company. Note that Quantic Dream also filed a defamation claim against Mediapart and LeMonde – the two newspapers which first broke the news over a year ago.

Quantic Dream has yet to respond to this development.

[Source: ResetEra]