Spellbreak Will Bring Spellbinding Fantasy Elements to the Battle Royale Genre in 2020

In 2020, developer Proletariat will bring its fantasy battle royale title Spellbreak to the PlayStation 4. This impressive-looking multiplayer experience is also set to launch a closed beta on the platform in the early part of next year. For now, further details about both the beta and the main game’s release beyond the 2020 tease remain under wraps.

Spellbreak’s imminent arrival on PlayStation was announced during the latest State of Play. Check out the enchanting title’s closed beta trailer in the following video:

Currently available on PC via the Epic Games Store, Proletariat’s Spellbreak combines the best parts of rogue-likes, battle royales, and RPGs into one fantasy-fueled package. In the game, players choose a class from a “deep system” and assume the role of a magic-wielding, spellcasting battlemage. From there, the Hollow Lands, Spellbreak’s setting, are free for players to explore either solo or with friends. Focusing too much on exploration may not always be the best course of action, however. After all, this is still a battle royale game. Enemy battlemages are bound to lurk around nearly every corner.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Proletariat CEO, Seth Sivak, briefly broke down a few facets of Spellbreak’s gameplay. For example, every battlemage dual-wields a pair of magical gauntlets, each of which features two abilities. These “four active combat options” mean there are innumerable possibilities, Sivak explained.

With the gauntlet abilities and spell combinations, Spellbreak allows players to get incredibly creative with both traversal and combat. In using a frost gauntlet, for instance, players can create a slide to swiftly navigate their way down to lower terrain. Wind-based abilities can either be utilized to launch yourself forward or pull in enemies. Electrifying the enemies trapped in such a perilous situation serves as but one way to increase damage output. Again, the possibilities are numerous.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]