Take Revenge on the Humans and Devour Them as a Shark in Maneater, Coming to PS4 This May

Referred to as a ShaRkPG, Maneater puts you in the shoes of a shark (do sharks wear shoes?), with one goal in mind: Eating humans. As morbid as that sounds, they had it coming, right? Previously, it was only announced for PC, but we now have confirmation that it will be headed to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on May 22, 2020. Below, you can check out the trailer, as revealed during The Game Awards 2019:

Maneater will have you playing as a giant sull Shark, letting you “tear humans limb from limb” around the coastal waterways. It’s apparently a living, breathing open world, which you can explore. Navigate the waters and look through sunken wrecks, swamps, or the open waters.

You’ll be able to level up your shark, upgrading various stats and improving body parts to make human-eating much easier. There are also some pretty awesome cosmetics to make your shark look badass, because the only thing more important than killing is looking good doing it. Maneater is being advertised as a strictly single-player adventure, despite its publisher Tripwire Interactive being known for multiplayer games like Killing Floor.

The trailer points out that each year, 100,000,000 sharks die at the hands of humans, so think of this like getting revenge. Even if that’s not a real stat, it’s an interesting premise that you don’t see very often. In fact, there aren’t many games that allow you to play as a shark, to begin with, so Maneater should be, at the very least, an interesting game.

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