Farming Simulator 19 Console Mods

Farming Simulator 19 Developers Working With Modders to Bring Popular Mods to Consoles

There’s always a right and wrong season to farm. However, such is not the case in Farming Simulator 19, where it’s always the right season to plant some seeds and harvest some crops. On PC, modding group Realismus Modding created a mod that adds seasons to the game. Impressed with their work, developer Giants Software is making the mod official and bringing it to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Better yet, it’ll be coming tomorrow. Even more good news, this is only a taste of things to come, as Giants Software will continue to bring more mods to the PlayStation version of the game.

At the current time, they’re working with Realismus Modding’s Seasons mod. The goal? Make each season a little more realistic. Each season will be getting unique textures and weather patterns, with the goal of making an already rather realistic farming game even more realistic. The entire animal section of the game has also been overhauled. More animals are available and each animal now has simulated features like age, weight, and sex. You need to put more work into taking care of these animals, making sure they don’t get sick or left outside during the snow, so you can keep them around and prevent them from dying. It sounds like a dream come true for fans of the realistic simulation angle of Farming Simulator.

Giants Software notes that if you want to use the mod, it’s probably best you start a new game so there’s no chance of corrupting your current save. As for what’s next, they haven’t been specific on that, other than continuing to work with Realismus Modding to bring more mods over. However, they did note that the game has over 1200 mods published for it which have been downloaded a total of 268 million times. We got a chance to interview Giants Software earlier this year to ask where Farming Simulator was going to go next. Obviously we’re now getting that answer.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]