San Andreas’ CJ Actor Blasts Rockstar While Denying Involvement in Rumored GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors seem to never cease. The latest batch, which remain unsubstantiated, claim that San Andreas‘ protagonist, CJ, will appear in some capacity. Regardless of whether or not this is true, fans shouldn’t count on voice actor Chris Bellard to reprise the role. In fact, while denying the GTA 6-related speculation, Bellard also shared a few choice words about his former employer, Rockstar Games.

In a recent Instagram post, Bellard shared a screenshot from an article about the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors. For the caption, he wrote that he is “not involved in GTA VI at all.” If CJ does indeed return, the character will have to be voiced by someone else. The former voice actor added, “Fu** Rockstar Games period,” tagging the company’s public profile in the post. Clearly, things did not end well between the two.

Bellard didn’t offer too many specifics. However, subsequent replies to curious fans suggest that much of the disdain he has for the studio concerns monetary issues. Most likely, Rockstar Games failed to pay what he believes he is owed. In one reply to a fan on Instagram, Bellard explained that “corporate companies exploits us.” Another reply saw him lambaste Rockstar for not caring about whether he’s “eating or not.” Bellard, a rapper who performs under the stage name of Young Maylay, credits music industry vets like DJ Pooh and Ice Cube for his success outside of voice acting.

Clearly, Bellard isn’t the only voice actor who feels his talents were exploited by the games industry. A few years ago, members of SAG-AFTRA, a labor union representing performers from numerous entertainment disciplines, went on strike, wanting to negotiate fairer terms with companies. The strike lasted nearly a year, ending in September 2017 with new agreements in place.

[Source: Chris Bellard on Instagram via COGconnnected]