Team 17 Acquires Commandos 2 HD Developer Yippee Entertainment

Team 17, publisher and developer of classics including the Worms series, has acquired Yippee Entertainment. Yippee is currently working on an HD remaster of Commandos 2 for Kalypso, who recently established an in-house studio to create a Commandos game for next-gen consoles, including the PlayStation 5. While Yippee will be finishing their work on Commandos 2 HD first, the studio’s plan is to work on original IPs for Team 17 afterwords.

According to Team 17, it acquired Yippee for £1.4 million. Of that, £922,407 will be paid in cash, while the rest will be in shares. Yippee won’t be losing or gaining any new team members, with the entire team and CEO still being around to work on any future projects. There’s no current word on what exactly Yippee will be working on for Team 17, but if it makes its way to the PlayStation then there’s a good chance we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

It’s not all that common for Team 17 to acquire other studios. In fact, it has only done so once before. In 2016, Team 17 acquired Mouldy Toof, the developer behind popular prison break game The Escapists. Since being acquired, Mouldy Toof has developed several DLC packs, a Walking Dead themed expansion, and a sequel to their debut game.

Yippee Entertainment was established in 2011 and hasn’t done much work on PlayStation games. They worked on the Chimpact series of mobile games. They were also behind some contracted mobile games, such as Ski Jumping ProPooka: Magic and Mischief, and Cartoon Network – Gumball Rainbow Ruckus. Currently, it is developing the Commands 2 HD remaster. Team 17 is a bit of an old hat in video games, having been around since 1990. It’s been behind several popular series, including WormsAlien Breed, and more recently The Escapists. It’s also been the publisher behind several popular series such as Yooka-Laylee and Overcooked. Currently, Team 17 is working on a new IP called The Survivalists.

[Source: Games Industry]