Kalypso Created a New Studio to Work on a Commandos Game for Next-Gen Consoles

Kalypso Media has opened up a new, currently unnamed internal studio, specifically with the goal of working on new entries in the Commandos franchise. The studio is based in “the Greater Frankfurt Area” of Germany and will be headed by Jürgen Reußwig, the managing director behind developer Games Distillery. The new studio wasn’t any more specific on their plans, other than saying that the new Commandos game will be targeting PC and next-gen consoles.

Kalypso is currently hiring for the studio and isn’t planning to drop its name, or even location, until some time next year. There also isn’t even a timeline for when we can expect the new entry into the franchise. This news may not come as a surprise to some people though, as Kalypso did state back in 2018 that it was looking to bring back the Commandos franchise after it purchased the rights to the franchise. There hasn’t been an entry since 2006 with Commandos: Strike Force, a game that changed the franchise from a tactical top-down tactics game to a first-person shooter.

Jürgen Reußwig had the following to say about his new studio:

At the new site we’ll be looking to develop a truly worthy successor to Commandos, designed for both PC and console platforms for simultaneous worldwide release. On a personal level, I couldn’t be prouder to be working on a true icon of strategy gaming, and I’m looking forward to receiving applications from new and experienced developers alike that share our passion for the series.

While you may be waiting a while for a next-gen Commandos title, an HD remaster of 2001’s Commandos 2 is set to launch on PlayStation 4 in spring 2020. On the same day, Kalypso will also release a remaster of 2003’s RTS classic Praetorians. You can get the two games bundled together or buy them separately.