Port Royale 4 PS5

Port Royale 4 Makes its Way to PS5 Next Month With Enhanced Visuals and Cross-Gen Saves

Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios have revealed their latest naval trade simulator Port Royale 4 will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S next month. The latest version of the game will have enhanced visuals and cross-gen save functionality amongst other new features.

The PlayStation 5 version will feature native 4K and 30 FPS graphics across the entire game that will include real-time cloud rendering and enhanced lighting and weather simulation. The console will allow the game to perform better while the SSD will enable better loading times. Players wanting to upgrade to the PS5 version can migrate their PS4 save right now. The latest trailer shows off these features in action:

Port Royale 4 puts players in charge of the colonies of Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands as they battle for control over the Caribbean during the 17th century. From the most humble of beginnings, a small settlement must be built up into a profitable colony with trades taking place throughout the region. One of the new features for the fourth instalment was the introduction of naval battles where pirates and privateers would have to be defeated if trade was to continue unhindered. Our review described the game as able to keep fans happy with its upgraded features and a bigger map. However, newcomers will have to bear in mind there’s a lot of information to take in to be able to create a prosperous empire.

When the game arrives on PlayStation 5 on September 10, it will arrive as standard and extended digital editions. The latter of these features four lighthouses and the blueprints for five different parks that can be used to decorate settlements and increase satisfaction amongst its residents. There will also be an Extended Edition sold at retail, although the contents of this haven’t been revealed.

[Source: Kalypso Media]