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Netflix Rolls Out Interactive Map for The Witcher to Clear Up Timeline Confusion

Earlier this month, one of Netflix’s many Twitter accounts shared a timeline of events for The Witcher. While the “Character Timeline” graphic definitely helped, Netflix’s latest attempt to clear up confusion offers much more detail. Thanks to a newly launched interactive map, fans of the TV series can obtain a clearer grasp of the show’s jumbled happenings.

The map is incredibly impressive. At the bottom sits an interactive timeline, with which users can click dots to see brief blurbs about that year’s major events. For example, the pilot episode, “The End’s Beginning,” takes place in 1231. This is where Geralt meets Renfri, then subsequently becomes the fabled Butcher of Blaviken. Interestingly, the map’s timeline ventures through the time prior to the year 500, offering a brief explanation on the Conjunction of Spheres.

In addition to a timeline, the interactive map’s website features character biographies. Want a deep dive on Queen Calanthe? Type her name into the search bar located in the top-left corner. From there, you’ll be met with a lengthy summary of her history. Scroll down and you’ll find a vertical timeline specifically devoted to the major events in her life. Locations in the world of The Witcher receive similar treatment, too. Again, the interactive map’s features are nothing short of impressive and well worth a look.

The Witcher is already a big success for the streaming platform. In the days following its release, the series eclipsed Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian in popularity to become the biggest show in the United States. Netflix must have predicted some of this success, giving the series a Season 2 green light weeks ahead of release.

Speaking of Season 2, it may not require an interactive map to make sense of the timeline. According to showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, The Witcher’s sophomore effort will be “much more linear.”

[Source: Netflix via PC Gamer]