Team Ninja Shares Details on Nioh 2’s More Robust Co-Op Options, Yokai Avatar Creation

Apart from cursory details in the past about Benevolent Graves and three-player multiplayer, Team Ninja hasn’t offered too many specifics concerning Nioh 2‘s co-op offerings. During a recent live stream of the game, the studio shared a bit more insight about co-op, namely with respect to enemies and loot drops. In addition, Team Ninja confirmed that players will have the option to customize the avatar of their Yokai.

Twitter user BlackKite shared details from the stream in a brief thread. For one, those who join a game in three-player co-op will find that Nioh 2 automatically adds more enemies to the map. The three-player co-op mechanics won’t affect how loot works, though. All three players will have access to their own item drops, which works to ensure no one can accidentally grab their friend’s loot. Co-op partners will additionally visit separate Shrines. Finally, each player will have a co-op gauge for revivals. When it runs out, fallen comrades can no longer be revived.

In Nioh 2, players will transform into a demon-like form known as Yokai. As previously noted, the stream featured confirmation about customizable avatars for each of the Yokai. According to screenshots by BlackKite from the stream, the customization options themselves are fairly robust. See the screenshots below:

Nioh 2 comes to the PlayStation 4 on March 13th. Following the game’s launch, Team Ninja plans to roll out three different DLC packs, all featuring prequel stories and rewards in the form of abilities, weapons, and new characters. For now, specifics about the DLC and it release dates aren’t publicly known.

[Source: BlackKite on Twitter via Wccftech]