1971 Project Helios Brings Turn-Based Military Tactics to PS4 in Q2 2020

RecoTechnology’s turn-based military title 1971 Project Helios is slated to launch sometime in Q2 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam and GOG, and Xbox One. The experience bridges the gap between modern warfare tactics and close combat, while emphasizing the importance of resource management.

Check out the latest teaser trailer below for a look at what 1971 Project Helios has in store:

During the campaign, eight characters will temporarily join forces to find a scientist, Dr. Margaret Blythe, abducted by a stratocracy–a military-run government. While on the harrowing journey, the group will need to navigate raider attacks, infiltrate territories held hostage by an anti-technological religious sect, and inspect military bases. Strategy and personal choice is seemingly tantamount to the experience, which will conclude in one of three possible endings.

The herculean tasks above merely scratch the surface of challenges 1971 Project Helios will present. A scarcity of resources rests at the center of this notion, weapons and vehicles included. Players should expect to consistently face conflict, too. And the freezing cold won’t make matters easier; both allies and enemies will succumb to its biting effects.

1971 Project Helios will see players combat three enemy factions, each featuring its own units, unique set of strategies and advantages. Some units may include snipers, while another harbors artful bandits or knights that are immune to the freezing weather. Either way, players will want to carefully study the enemy, adapting to changes on the battlefield. The title’s skill trees should help on this front, thanks to unlocks and upgrades that can combine to craft the “perfect builds” for strategic purposes.

Could 1971 Project Helios serve as another XCOM-like experience for fans of the genre? We’ll have to wait and see.