1971 Project Helios’ Turn-Based Military Tactics Hit Consoles and PC This June

Earlier this year, developer RecoTechnology announced its turn-based military strategy game, 1971 Project Helios, would launch in Q2 2020. Now the title has a much more firm release date. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), and Xbox One players can dive into the experience on June 9th.

1971 Project Helios is designed to emphasize resource management, while also bridging the gap between close combat and modern military tactics. The title’s campaign will see eight different characters band together in an effort to find and rescue a scientist named Dr. Margaret Blythe, who’s been abducted by a stratocracy–a military-run government.

Throughout their journey to rescue the doctor, the group of eight will have to carefully navigate past raider attacks, investigate military bases, and infiltrate settlements controlled by an anti-technology religious sect. Obviously, strategy will rest at the heart of the overall experience, as will personal choice. Both are to ultimately culminate in one of 1971 Project Helios‘ three possible endings.

A host of other challenges await, too. Conflict will serve as an ever-present part of the journey, after all. Chiefly, players will encounter hardship while running into enemy factions. Resource management is set to serve as another struggle, further compounded by the freezing cold. The eight heroes won’t suffer alone, though. Allies and enemies are also sure to succumb to the effects of the harsh temperatures.

To try and overcome all of the above, players will have to build out each of their characters’ skill trees. Skill unlocks and upgrades should especially prove beneficial when trying to craft the perfect character to survive the severe circumstances on display in 1971 Project Helios.

[Source: RecoTechnology]