PlatinumGames is Hinting at ‘Platinum 4’ With a New Teaser Website

While game enthusiasts are trying to make sense of recent The Wonderful 101 rumors, developer PlatinumGames is hinting at something else entirely. Today, the studio launched a new teaser website, which merely features a massive number “4” hovering in the middle. Is this the hint of a new project or something older making its return? We cannot be too sure just yet.

Check out a screenshot of the PlatinumGames teaser page below:

platinumgames 4 teaser

As you can see, there’s not too much going on. However, visiting the page itself shows the “4” icon slightly moving in place. In addition, the image glitches out every 30 seconds or so. The bottom of the page also notes that “#PlatinumGames4 is now open.”

What significance the number has for the studio doesn’t yet seem clear, especially given that none of its franchises are on their way to surpassing three entries. Might the number mean the developer has four projects in production? Such a possibility doesn’t seem too far fetched. After all, the team is already hard at work on Babylon’s Fall, self-publishing smaller titles, and Bayonetta 3. And who knows how the Tencent investment is helping move things along?

A Twitter post from PlatinumGames designer Hideki Kamiya adds to the mystery. In the following tweet, he, too, teases something related to the number four.

The last couple of days have seen PlatinumGames get the spotlight for reports about a Kickstarter Campaign for The Wonderful 101. Reportedly, the campaign aims to bring the Wii U title to other platforms, including the PlayStation 4. It remains to be seen if this bit of speculation is at all connected to the teaser website.