Code Vein Has Surpassed One Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Bandai Namco’s newest action adventure Code Vein sales make it officially a success. Since its release in fall 2019, it’s sold over 1 million copies worldwide across Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

This comes by way of a tweet from the official Code Vein Twitter account.

Code Vein came to PS4 in September 2019 to critical acclaim. Here at PSLS, we really enjoyed it and awarded it a score of 8.0, praising its customization and combat. It’s a game that wears its Dark Souls inspirations on its sleeve, featuring a similar combat system, level design, and even a boss encounter that mirrors the famous Ornstein and Smough battle from the first game. Much like Dark Souls, Code Vein pushes back a lot and requires time and skill to overcome.

Those who purchase the game’s Season Pass will be able to enjoy a batch of DLC, one of which is available to download today. The first add-on is titled Hellfire Knight and gives players new story content and weapons. You can grab the Season Pass for $24.99. There’s no word yet on when the rest of the Code Vein DLC content will roll out.

Originally supposed to launch in fall 2018, Code Vein suffered from a year-long delay. It’s clear that extra time was put to good use, judging on its sales and critical reception.

[Source: Twitter]