Dreams Will Be Available to Early Access Players Three Days Early

Those who purchased Dreams during its Early Access phase have a couple of treats coming their way. Not only do Early Access players not have to buy the full game, but Media Molecule will also give them access to Dreams three days ahead of launch. Media Molecule plans to unlock the complete experience for Early Access users on February 11th at 4:00am PST.

The studio confirmed this news with IGN. That very same rundown of information features details about the fresh content that will go live once Dreams hits store shelves. As previously teased, the story mode, Art’s Dream, will become available at release, complete with various genres and themes, such as platforming and point-and-click adventures. The entire campaign was made using a DualShock 4 and the tools that are available to all Dreams players.

A total of three new creator kits will arrive at launch, too. The creator kit for Art’s Dream serves as one, which will allow creators to get their hands on fantasy, noir, and sci-fi designs crafted by Media Molecule. Welcome Home is a creator kit based on Dreams‘ “Homespace.” An Ancient Temple-themed kit will also appear in the full game.

Players can additionally look forward to a brand-new Dreams introduction, as well as a number of extra tutorial videos. An updated UI is expected to become available at launch, too. With a new UI, Media Molecule aims to ensure players have a much easier time finding user-created content. Naturally, the full launch of Dreams will include a whole host of bug fixes, creator tool adjustments, and other quality of life changes.

Dreams Early Access players can explore the full experience on February 11th. Media Molecule’s latest project launches for everyone else a few days later on February 14th.

[Source: IGN]