PSN Revenue

Sony Made over $12 Billion Through PSN in 2019, its Second Biggest Year for Revenue

Through the PlayStation Network, including digital games, DLC, and subscription services, Sony made over $12 billion in 2019. After Sony today released its Q3FY2019 financial report, covering the final three months of the 2019 calendar year, sleuths at ResetEra did some math to determine yearly totals for 2019. In total, Sony brought in $12.48 billion through the PSN. $9.28 billion of that can be attributed to purchases through the PlayStation Store, including games, DLC, and other media. $3.2 billion came from PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now subscriptions.

This was the second biggest year for PSN revenue in PlayStation history, falling just slightly from 2018’s $12.52 billion. While PS Store purchases were down in 2019 over the previous year, revenue from subscriptions was up. 2019 was Sony’s biggest year for subscription services, up from the $2.81 billion earned in 2018. In fact, this was the only area that PlayStation saw year-over-year growth in 2019, and can perhaps point to where Sony plans to dedicate more focus and resources with the PlayStation 5.

At $18.72 billion overall, 2019 was the second-biggest year in revenue for PlayStation, including hardware, software, and all revenues earned through the division. That was down from 2018’s $20.43 billion, but up from $16.77 billion in 2017. It’s also nearly double 2013’s $9.51 billion, and the first time PlayStation has seen a drop in overall year-over-year revenue since the PS4 first launched.

Not including download-only games, the digital to physical PS4 software sales ratio is nearing 50%, the highest it’s ever been. While physical isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, digital gaming and services are clearly on the rise and it’s expected that they will continue to see growth into the next generation of consoles.

Sony is getting ready for the PS5 release date in holiday 2020. While a brand new PS5 site just went live today, Sony still isn’t quite ready to reveal more about the console just yet. Sony also hasn’t finalized a PS5 price, wanting to wait for Microsoft to reveal the Xbox Series X pricing before landing on a final number.

[Source: ResetEra]