Moving Out Release Date

Team 17’s Wacky Physics-Based Multiplayer Game Moving Out Launches This April

As someone who has recently moved several hundred miles, I can tell you it’s a complicated process. It turns out all that stuff you’ve acquired needs to go with you. Thankfully, moving services exist to help you transport all that stuff. Perhaps even more thankfully, they don’t act anything like the moving services in Moving Out, which seem more than content to move things in a way that can best be described as hazardous. Moving Out will finally be launching on PlayStation 4, along with PC and other consoles, on April 28th, 2020, giving groups of friends a chance to sit down and move.

The idea isn’t that complicated. You and up to three friends need to work together to move objects from one location into a truck. Of course, the objects you need to move are weird shapes, physics apply, and there are all sorts of environmental hazards that need to be avoided. You don’t want someone’s family heirloom to be hit by a car after all! Or the person carrying it, I guess. However, you can use these physics to your advantage as well. The fastest way around a glass window is just straight through it.

Moving Out is being developed by SMG Studio and published by Team 17. Ashley Ringrose, CEO of SMG Studio, had the following to say about the release:

We are excited to announce the release date for Moving Out as 28th April. Moving Out takes couch co-op to a whole new level and we’re excited to see the world start moving through the fantastically wholesome and zany world we have crafted.

Besides Moving Out, SMG Studio has been behind a number of games, such as multiplayer puzzle game Death Squared and tower defense game OTTTD. This will be the first game Team 17 published this year, but last year they put out several well-received games, such as Blasphemous and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. However, they did start this year off by acquiring Yippee Entertainment, the developers of Commandos 2 HD.