my friend pedro ps4

PEGI Rating Suggests My Friend Pedro’s High Octane Action is PS4 Bound

DeadToast Entertainment’s My Friend Pedro originally hit the Nintendo Switch and PC in summer 2019. The Devolver Digital-published title went on to land an Xbox One release several months later in December. It seems the high octane shoot ’em up’s next stop will be the PlayStation 4, if a PEGI rating proves true.

A screenshot of the PEGI listing appears below:

my friend pedro ps4

Interestingly enough, this listing on the European ratings board site suggests a February 11, 2020 release. Obviously, no such launch happened yesterday. Either way, it seems to indicate My Friend Pedro may come to the PlayStation 4 sometime in the near future. As is always the case, however, only the developer’s or publisher’s word can be relied on.

My Friend Pedro takes players on quite the bizarre adventure by all accounts. The shoot ’em up centers on man who goes on a killing spree. That’s not the bizarre bit, though, not by a long shot. He goes on said killing spree, because a sentient banana instructs him to do so. Yes, a banana. It’s wild; apparently, the action only makes things wilder.

Split aiming and slow motion serve as only a couple of My Friend Pedro’s core gaming mechanics. These functions, along with the ability to twist and turn in mid-air, lead to a variety of incredible action sequences. As such, players must have a good handle on both the character’s weapons and body movements. Navigating through a violent underworld is no easy task, after all. Luckily, PlayStation 4 players are likely to experience as much for themselves soon.

[Source: Pegi Public Site via Gematsu]