my friend pedro ps4 release date

My Friend Pedro’s Action-Packed Adventure Hits PS4 Next Week

Before today, My Friend Pedro’s arrival on PlayStation 4 was mere speculation, fueled by a recent PEGI rating. Now publisher Devolver Digital and developer Deadtoast Entertainment have confirmed the action title is indeed PS4 bound. My Friend Pedro hits the Sony platform next week on Thursday, April 2nd.

Alongside the full game, the PS4 version of My Friend Pedro will launch with Code Yellow content, extras that introduce a total of fourteen “full-throttle game modifiers.” With this content, players will be able to take advantage of slow-motion gun mechanics, an in-game timer, hidden HUD options, and many more player-requested features.

Get a close look at what all My Friend Pedro has to offer in the following gameplay trailer for PS4:

Described as an action-packed, “bullet-ridden ballet” about imagination and friendship, My Friend Pedro centers on a man who goes on an incredibly violent killing spree throughout one city’s underworld. Most interesting is that he does so because that’s what a somehow sentient banana instructs him to do.

From the looks of things, the action-soaked gameplay makes My Friend Pedro all that more of a bizarre experience. Split-aiming and slow-motion shooting serve as only a couple of the title’s several mechanics. The ability to twist about mid-air apparently adds to the fun, too, resulting in a whole host of jaw-dropping action sequences. However, in order to truly succeed, players will need to master the character’s arsenal of weapons, as well as his body movements. In addition, navigating My Friend Pedro’s seedy underworld can be done in style, thanks to skateboards and motorcycles.

My Friend Pedro first launched last summer across the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. It hit Xbox One not too long thereafter in December. Thankfully, PS4 users will soon have the opportunity to explore this wild ride for themselves.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]