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Remedy Entertainment on Control’s Future: This Is Just the Start

Remedy Entertainment’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha, has said that the critically-acclaimed Control is “just the start” and that its developers have a lot of ideas for the game’s world.

IGN quizzed Puha about Control‘s future at D.I.C.E. 2020 (where the game won four awards), to which he said:

A lot of [our recent work] was about getting Remedy into a position where we can create Control, and we can hopefully keep making more Control. So yeah, absolutely – and especially with all the love we’re getting. There are so many things we know we can we can do and explore, so I’d say this is just the start.

With the success of Control, a lot of interesting opportunities have opened up and there’s no shortage of ideas at Remedy either. It’s been a very, very interesting past six months, the future’s really exciting. Now, all this great momentum that Control’s generated is [making us say] let’s not waste that!

Executive producer Juha Vainio added that no one in Control‘s development team expressed a desire to leave following the game’s launch. “There are people who actually want in,” he said. “So we have a positive problem.”

In its recent financial report, Remedy said that Control is “a major achievement that proves the capabilities of our team and technology.” Despite not having a big marketing budget, sales “settled on a good level” and Control‘s success has opened the doors for “future partner discussions” for other Remedy projects.

Remedy has four projects in the works, one of which is an unannounced game.

[Source: IGN]