MediEvil-Inspired 3D Platformer Pumpkin Jack Comes to PS4 Later This Year

Last year’s MediEvil remake was the perfect reminder that there’s a massive void in the dark comedy and gothic space in gaming. Hopefully a MediEvil II remake or new entry will eventually help fill the gap. However, while we wait, Pumpkin Jack may be what the doctor ordered. A 3D platformer that also takes inspiration from Jak & Daxter, developer Nicolas Meyssonnier’s Pumpkin Jack comes to the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One in Q4 2020.

Get a closer look at the Headup Games-published title in the following announcement trailer:

Unlike MediEvil, Pumpkin Jack won’t put players in the shoes of a wrongfully glorified hero working to become worthy of long-received acclaim. Instead, players will assume the role of the spirit of Jack the Pumpkin Lord, who works under the orders of the Devil himself.

Wanting to wreak havoc upon the happy and monotonous lives of the Boredom Kingdom’s citizenry, the Devil releases the Curse of the Eternal Night. As a consequence, Boredom Kingdom soon becomes ground zero for the worst kind of dread. Thus, the citizens seek their savior, a wizard powerful enough to remove the curse. The Devil, realizing his plan is threatened, summons a formidable force of his own, the aforementioned Jack. Throughout Pumpkin Jack, the Pumpkin Lord fights his way through the wizard’s forces, tearing down all who stand in his master’s way.

The 3D platformer from Nicolas Meyssonnier features a vibrant world, a range of weapons, and puzzles that center on gravity, jumping, and reflection. Certain obstacles may even require Jack to peel back his “skinsuit” and put his flaming head to use. Jack will not be alone either. Apparently, a few companions are to offer aid during the journey, such as an owl and crow, both of whom serve his quest in different ways.

[Source: Headup Games via Gematsu]