Crash Team Racing Gasmoxia Grand Prix Launches This Week, Fast-Food Battle and a Racetrack in the Atmosphere

Starting on February 20, 2020, the newest Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix will be available to all players for free. Titled Gasmoxia, this event will give racers a laundry list of new content, from new skins, challenges, rewards, and of course, a new track to enjoy. Gasmoxia will serve as the game’s final Grand Prix, after around eight months of support from Activision and Beenox.

The theme of this Grand Prix is out of this world fast-food. The new Drive-Thru Danger track features an all-out battle between two space restaurants: Nuclear Pizza and Toxic Burger on Nitros Oxide’s home planet. Activision describes it as “the most technical track ever assembled” in the game. It will send players up to the atmosphere above Gasmoxia, and is expected to have lots of twists and turns and ways to fail, much like Mario Kart’s (in)famous Rainbow Road.

You’ll also get the chance to earn a new character named Emperor Velo, additional time trials to compete in, and lots of extra items to grab during the event. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when Gasmoxia goes live (click to enlarge):

New Character

  • Emperor Velo

Grand Prix Rewards

  • 18 new items under the bronze, silver, and gold tiers

The Pit Stop

Characters and Skins

  • Astronaut Kong
  • N. Brioctopus
  • Buccaneer Ami
  • Corsair Liz
  • Raider Megumi
  • Marauder Isabella
  • Privateer Tawna
  • Space Spyro

Kart Sets and Wheels

  • Velo Chopper Kart
  • Atomic Wheels



  • Dominator
  • Online Racer
  • Fashion Show


  • Hit and Run
  • Bacon Eater
  • Careful Driver


  • Uka-Uka’s Minion
  • Beating the Clock
  • Turbocharged


  • Better Than Yourself
  • Fun with Letters
  • Shiny New Toys


  • On My Own Ground
  • That Was Fast
  • Keep Nagging

Champion Kart and Decal

  • Finish in the top 5% of the Grand Prix leaderboards and win the Champion Kart and Gasmoxia signature decal

Don’t worry about the future of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Although Gasmoxia is the final Grand Prix, Activision and Beenox will continue to support the game with lots more added content in the future, encouraging players to continue coming back for more.

Haven’t hopped in a kart yet? Grab Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled for just $33 dollars and take a “crash” course before the new Grand Prix goes live.

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