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Sumo Digital’s Hotshot Racing Will Channel ’90s Arcade Racers

Sumo Digital, the studio behind Team Sonic Racing, is gearing up for another go at the racing genre. This time, the developer is teaming up with Lucky Mountain Games for Hotshot Racing. Curve Digital will publish the title, which intends to channel “classic arcade racers” such as Virtua Racing and Cruis’n USA. It will launch on an unspecified date this spring for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One.

Check out Hotshot Racing’s colorful and polygonal trailer below:

As seen in the announcement trailer, this fast-paced arcade-style racer makes use of retro visuals. The teams at Sumo and Lucky Mountain fused drift handling mechanics with an exhilarating sense of speed to make for quite the gameplay experience. Players may especially get a sense of the excitement with 60 frames per second in the single-player mode.

Hotshot Racing will feature quite a few multiplayer offerings, too, of both the local and online variety. With the online races, players will be able to challenge up to seven other racers. Local co-op options include four-player split-screen modes. The game’s roster will consist of eight different drivers, each of which brings a unique personality and multiple four-wheeled cars to the table. Tracks are numerous as well, with Hotshot Racing set to launch with 16 tracks based in locales around the world.

Sumo Digital has likely been incredibly busy of late. In October 2019, the studio announced a new UK-based team in Warrington, England. Called Sumo North West, this team’s primary focus is on providing engineering and code support for Sumo’s various clients. Additionally, Sumo began a partnership with 2K Games last summer for currently unannounced projects.

[Source: Curve Digital via Saving Content]