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Enter Little Hope Once a New Chapter in The Dark Pictures Anthology Launches This Summer

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope still lacks a release date, but at least Supermassive has narrowed down the launch window. Fans will venture into Little Hope sometime this summer on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Supermassive shared a new teaser for the Little Hope chapter. Footage of the game appears near the video’s end, which begins with clips from online playthroughs of Man of Medan, The Dark Pictures Anthology’s first outing.

Little Hope’s original teaser initially dropped in August 2019. Man of Medan players were treated to a first look after beating the title’s campaign. This next installment centers on the abandoned town of Little Hope, in which four college students and their professor find themselves trapped.

Try as they might to escape the ghastly visions that haunt them, the small group can’t seem to catch a break. Little Hope’s eerily impenetrable fog only makes matters worse. While venturing through the town in search of an exit, the five must also work to understand what’s going on around them.

In total, Supermassive plans on producing eight chapters for The Dark Pictures Anthology. Little else is known about future entries at present, though developers have said that at least two installments will drop per year. Supermassive is also known for PS4’s Until Dawn, a narrative thriller that left many crucial story decisions in players’ hands.

[Source: The Dark Pictures on Twitter, Bandai Namco]

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