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Borderlands 3’s Third DLC Will Feature Dinosaurs and Outlaws, Spring 2020 Roadmap Released

After attending a deadly wedding next month, Borderlands 3 players will have dinosaurs to look forward to in the game’s third expansion this summer. Gearbox Software said that it has no further details to share at this time but released a teaser in form of the concept art that you can see above.

“We’ve got three words for you: outlaws and dinosaurs,” wrote the developer. “Things are coming along nicely for Borderlands 3‘s third and fourth campaign add-ons, and we’re excited to tell you more about them at a later date.”

Gearbox also released an updated Spring 2020 roadmap, which you can check out below:


  • Guns, Love, and Tentacles
  • New planet, story, and missions
  • Fan favorite characters return
  • New legendaries and cosmetics


  • Mayhem Mode 2.0
    • Overhauled modifiers
    • More fun, more loot, more mayhem
  • Revenge of the Cartels
    • Take out cartel operatives
    • Earn unique event rewards


  • Guardian Takedown
  • Eridian-themed Takedown
  • New challenging bosses
  • Earn unique gear and cosmetics

In addition to the above, Gearbox provided the following premise for Revenge of the Cartels:

Maurice has run afoul of some space-faring gangs, and the best way to protect him is taking the fight directly to the Cartel thugs who want his hide. You’ll have to eliminate key operatives stationed around the galaxy so Maurice can open a portal to a new hideout area where the Cartel has set up shop. The enemies you’ll encounter on the other side of the portal will change based on which division of the Cartel you’re up against.

Guardian Takedown and accompanying content will be detailed in due course.

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