Quidditch-Like Online Sports Title Broomstick League Confirmed for Consoles

Broomstick League, a “high-flying online sports game,” recently hit Steam Early Access. It will remain in its early access phase for at least the next nine months to a year. Publisher Blue Isle Publishing plans to release the title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside the PC version’s full launch, though a specific date is currently under wraps.

For a hint at what to expect from Broomstick League’s fast-paced experience, check out the announcement trailer:

Virtual Basement, Code Headquarters, and Blue Isle Studios constitute the development teams behind Broomstick League, which sees players battling across massive arenas on broomsticks. Might this be a good Quidditch substitute? It could be, particularly given the game’s basic set of rules. 

Somewhat similar to Quidditch, the object of the game is for one team to rush a ball across the field to score. Unlike Quidditch, however, Broomstick League allows competitors to put their wands to use, meaning magic is allowed. (There exists no golden snitch, either.) Players can take advantage of magic for both offensive and defensive purposes. On defense, players are sure to find themselves using their wands to dodge opponents and defend their team’s goal. 

Offense, on the other hand, may involve special spells. One example includes that of the blast variety, which lets competitors knock the ball out of their opponent’s hands. The blink spell enables a teleporting move, resulting in potential scoring advantages. 

Moreover, players can personalize their witch or wizard to their liking. Customization options additionally extend to unlockable broomsticks, wands, and a number of “magical cosmetics.” Taking the magical character online to play against fellow witches and wizards serves as the next step, courtesy of 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 matches. It all takes place in a variety of magical venues, including those that feature lurking trolls and soaring dragons.

[Source: Blue Isle Publishing via Gematsu]