Broomstick League is the Essence of Quidditch Without the Harry Potter License

Mixing the fast-paced action of Rocket League and the high-flying wizard sport of Quidditch, Broomstick League by Blue Isle Studios wants to capture the magic that a bunch of RC cars playing soccer once did (and continues to have a handle on to this day). Of course, Broomstick League doesn’t carry the Harry Potter license, so while it may be a sport about wizards flying around on broomsticks, it doesn’t include things like the bludgers, multiple hoops to score in, or the golden snitch. It does, however, feature lots of spell casting at other wizards in order to turn the tables and help your team score goals, as well as fantasy-inspired arenas designed to tickle your sense of wonder.

Cast your eyes on the announcement trailer below:

Broomstick League will feature 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches that can be played locally with friends or via online matchmaking. The gameplay is frenetic and fast, and players can utilize skills like diving to gain speed, blasting the ball out of the opponent’s hands with spells, and using the blink spell to teleport to locations around the arena. Much like any game of the competitive nature, customization will play a huge part. Players can customize their look, broomsticks, wands, and even get a variety of emotes and taunts.

TwitchCon this weekend will host the first playable hands-on for Broomstick League, so make sure to check it out if you are there. Right now it’s only announced for Steam early access without a set release date, but we’re thinking that a PS4 announcement and release can’t be too far behind.

Do you want to see Broomstick League come to the PS4? Could this be the next big competitive game to capture the hearts of players? let us know your thoughts in the comments.