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Control’s The Foundation DLC to Unveil More About the Board, Jesse to Unlock New Abilities

Control’s first expansion, The Foundation, goes live late next week. Just recently, Remedy released the DLC’s teaser trailer. Now, fans can get their first full look at the new content in action. In launching a one-minute long gameplay trailer, the developer has also unleashed details about The Foundation’s story. Additionally, more information has surfaced regarding the new skills and abilities Jesse will unlock.

Get a glimpse at what the expansion has on offer in the trailer down below:

The Astral Plane collides with our own reality in The Foundation. Consequently, Jesse Faden must traverse the Foundation itself to ensure the Astral Plane doesn’t consume the Oldest House. As with anything in Control, such a task won’t prove a simple one. Yet, there is one person who may be privy to more intricate details concerning the impending threat–the Bureau’s Head of Operations, Helen Marshall. Because Marshall’s missing, however, Jesse is on her own, with a horrible threat to stop and an ally whose disappearance will need just as much of her attention.

To access the new content, players will need to have beaten the core game. From there, the DLC becomes available via the Hotline Chamber. Fans should anticipate a host of main missions, alongside some side content that Remedy sprinkled in. On average, players will spend roughly four to five hours exploring all The Foundation has to offer.

Throughout The Foundation, details about the mysterious Board will emerge. New abilities, skills, and enemy types will feature in the DLC, as well. Shape serves as a DLC-exclusive ability and Fracture is a Service Weapon upgrade, allowing players to “transform” and “shatter” environments, respectively. As far as new enemies are concerned, players should prepare for Hiss Sharpened, which reside within the caves beneath the Oldest House. They apparently attack from all sides with pickaxes in hand.

A free March update is also on the way, set to introduce Shield Rush. This Shield ability upgrade will give Jesse the power to charge at foes during combat encounters. Thanks to player feedback, improved map functionality will soon arrive, too. Finally, players will be able to reallocate their Ability points by using Essence at Control Points.

PlayStation 4 and PC players can begin exploring The Foundation next week on Thursday, March 26th. It launches on June 25th for the Xbox One. Control’s second expansion, AWE, currently lacks release date information. However, both DLC packs feature in a Season Pass, which costs $24.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]